Nova Xonix 3D is modern remake old 2D Xonix game (or Air Xonix from AxyGames) for Android, Windows and Mac

This is a modern version of the older Xonix classic, which was popular in the 1980s. In this case, this is a 3D game where you will fly in the air, discover and mainly occupy the largest part of the game territory. Your job will leave the smallest part where the balls will move. They do not have to hit you during the construction, otherwise they take a precious life. To make it few, there are a few movable pitfalls, like bombs. Also try to get different bonuses.


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Developers in 80 was limited in degree of freedom because of computer hardware, but in 21 century, we have no limitations! Meet modern remake classic Xonix game - of Nova Xonix 3D! Immersive 3D scenes, modern graphics, desktop and mobile platform support (even online version). Currently Nova Xonix 3D available for Windows platform and Online version, but soon come support for Mac, Android and FaceBook.

Experienced and attentive players will see that our inspiration was Air Xonix 3D from AxySoft. What we can say... That is true :) We are actively developing and improving game every day, and list of features will expand! Currently we offer for players next features:

  • 90 levels
  • Modern 3D graphics optimized for mobile devices
  • Easy to use and intuitive controls

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