Viking Sisters Time Management Game Review and Download

Can you save the populations of the village! Show evildoers what the power of girls means!

Guide the nuns through a beautiful fairy forest, over the mountains, to Hell itself, pursuing the sorceress to and from the end of the earth. Visit the Kingdom of Dwarves to forge powerful weapons, then fight giants, scorpions, and other dark creatures. With the variety of play modes from Casual to Expert, everyone can enjoy this instant classic time management game, that shows girls want fun, but when they have to, they can kick a little bit of you - know - what!

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Full Version Viking Sisters
Viking Sisters Time Management

The game is colorful and fascinating; it is good like the previous games of this series. It will be interesting not only to advanced players but also beginners, the main emphasis of developers, obviously, was on the female audience. We recommend to all free download and try the game Viking Sisters. The game is good and much fun as their Brothers!

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