Viking Brothers 4 Time Management Game Review and Download

Viking brothers 4 is interesting, well-made game, but it is never too late to revisit newer game in this award-winning time management series, Viking Brothers 5!

Help the Viking Brothers keep their own as a mythical race emerges from the bottom of the sea and risks forever losing their world. Everand and Boromere look forward to a well - earned retirement, having obtained the eternal favor of the gods after Loki has defeated his evil schemes. However, then a tsunami flows through Midgard's beautiful land, devastating its home. The Viking Brothers, determined to be strong in the face of adversity, set out to learn the cause of the massive wave and to repair their land – one building, one bridge, and one field at a time. They will combine with a former foe in an appalling twist, which will change Midgard's destiny forever, before their journey ends.

Viking Brothers 4 Screenshot
Full Version Viking Brothers 4
Viking Brothers 4 Time Management

Free trial version Viking brothers 4 include all features from full version, the only one exception - free version is time limited. Like the newer game in the series (link at the beginning of the review), this game has absorbed all the best from time management games. Great graphics, nice music, everything is good in this game. I think the game is perfect for both the youngest players and those who beat for a long time.

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