Rescue Team 8 Collector's Edition Time Management Game Review and Download

The aggressive expansion of Alawar in time management genre have reasons - this company made a lot of award winning casual games, and best of them belong to time management genre.

Like most other time management games, Rescue Team lets you advance in level as you gain experience and gather resources, build different structures, control army of workers, and, of course complete many extra tasks. It is an open secret that that Blooming Forest is famous for its huge collection of rare Fauna and Flora. Tourists and Journalist have arrived from all over the world to attend the opening ceremony, but everything went wrong from the start... Find the way to safety and save civilian when disaster strikes as the Rescue Team faces down and overcomes the dangers. You'll surely notice its impressive artwork and uniquely challenging levels design, and time proven gameplay.

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Full Version Rescue Team 8
Rescue Team 8  Time Management

By comparing with most time management games, 8-th Rescue Team offering many innovative features in gameplay. Free download Rescue Team 8 (or get full unlimited game version) and experience the unforgettable feelings, hours of time management fun and share new impressions with your loved ones!

Rescue Team 8 Collector's Edition Full Version Game Features

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