Next Stop 3 Time Management Game Review and Download

Margaret needs your help again! Repair broken railway and solve over 50 puzzle levels and win in a billion-dollar escapade in award winning Time Management game! It’s time to stop and play Next Stop 3! :-)

Railway is not a typical theme for Time Management games, but developers of Next Stop 3 brake all rules and never ceases to amaze new players and fans of older games in series. The rules is simple and typical to competitor games - collect resources and complete different tasks (repair, fix etc.)

If you’re first time plain we recommended to select relaxed game mode, of course, timed mode is much more complex, difficult and this way more challenging, but, gain first experience is better on relaxed mode, especially for newbie in time management genre.

Next Stop 3 Screenshot
Full Version Next Stop 3
Next Stop 3 Time Management

The graphics are similar to the previous games in series, nothing that's going to impress you a lot, but good enough and btw game offer full 3D scenes. Allow me to highlight music in game - music emphasizes game play, and really nice. Next Stop 3 is good game for download to get full unlimited version. Play Next Stop 3 – one of the best Tycoon Railroad Time Management game and enjoy tons of puzzle levels!

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