New Yankee 7: Deer Hunters Time Management Game Review and Download

New Yankee relatively young game series, but quickly winning heart of players! Prepare your sword for a new dangerous quest at King Arthur's castle!

When the ruler summons Sir John and Mary to complete another quest for him, they reluctantly leave their modern-day ranch and prepare for another unforgettable adventure. Gather your witchcraft and grind your knife as a new time travel to the glorious time of King Arthur awaits you! However, nothing they have experienced has prepared them for what they will face as they track a strange creature who is on a pressing quest of its own!

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Full Version New Yankee 7: Deer Hunters
New Yankee 7: Deer Hunters Time Management

I really like the strategy of developers, every new game in series a little better then previous, and even first games are still playable and can be interesting for players. The graphics keep getting better and better, the levels tasks keep getting more interesting and challenging from game to game. For those who purchased full version of previous games in New Yankee series, we recommended to get full version of Deer Hunters and add this great game to collection. Visuals and game play of New Yankee 7: Deer Hunters at the same level as top niche time management games.

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