Dr. Cares: Family Practice Collector's Edition Time Management Game Review and Download

Developer prepared a huge surprise for all fans of Time Management genre – finally you can play more the one player, you can select difficulty level, and… There are not enough words to express all positive emotions this game gives to players.

Jack and Amy has finally settled in Snuggford, where they run an animal rescue clinic. Show all off your skills as an animal doctor in Dr. Cares - Family Practice, a award winning time management adventure! Family Practice is the first time management game add great new ideas, which is the ability to make choices that change the storyline.

Dr. Cares: Family Practice Collector's Edition Screenshot
Full Version Dr. Cares: Family Practice
Dr. Cares: Family Practice  Time Management

In summary, Dr. Cares: Family Practice delivers really innovative ideas, and introduce a lot new features which makes cardinally changes in classic time management gameplay, every player must have full version of this game. This series, spiraling from the Delicious Emily games, but this game go farther much footer than original game.

Dr. Cares: Family Practice Collector's Edition Full Version Game Features

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