Building the Great Wall of China Time Management Game Review and Download

Prepare to build the Great Wall of China, save the Empire and china ancient citizen, and find your true love!

He has a representative of the classical school time management genre, average graphics, but rather addictive gameplay, many players will enjoy the game.

As northern nomads threaten the wealth and prosperity of their lands, the Chinese Empire is at grave risk. Kong Baotu, a intelligent and knowledgeable man, accepts the difficulty. The Great Wall, which will protect China from the warring barbarists, is being built. In exchange, he asked to be allowed to we d Fan Tanrui, the Emperor's lovely daughter. In his epic journey, join Kong! Help him save and marry the fan of the Empire. Through the emerald-green hills and the traitorous rocky cliffs your journey will take you to the farthest corners of China. You conquer the snowy mountains on more than 40 levels and cross the dry deserts. You're going to go.

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Full Version Building the Great Wall of China
Building the Great Wall of China Time Management

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that this game is NOT a game type click-fest. You're going to fail if you try to collect any resource that drops. You can't plan actions and pre-click resources to be picked up when a worker is available. You can't do away with your actions. The buildings don't have a timer to know when the next resource is ready, you need to get a feeling for it. Download Building the Great Wall of China for free and enjoy the following features;

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