Sir Match a Lot Match 3 Game Review and Download

Perhaps, the only one Gummy Drop! competitor in Match 3 genre.
Big Fish Games is a well-known name in the award winning casual downloadable gaming market, Sir Match-a-Lot truly been made a part of Top 10 Match 3 game not only for PC but for mobile platform too.

The story line is simple and straighford - a key character in a game is the young man (rookie knight) who fight to save the world shrouded in gloomy puts. Program of its heroic acts extremely reach: defeating the monsters and a fire-breathing dragon. Earn achievements and complete variety of quest to gain new outfits to suit up your knight in! Unfortunately, Sir Match-a-Lot it was absolutely run-of-the-mill game, but with amazing graphics and special effects. Download Sir Match-a-Lot and enjoy hours un free to play Match 3 fun!

Sir Match a Lot Screenshot
Full Version Sir Match a Lot
Sir Match a Lot Match 3

Bright and colorful game elements, gorgeous animation and scenic game locations and characters - you cannot just steal that from game. Good and clever tutorial and hints, sometime in math 3 player do not understand how bonus works, but Sir Match-a-Lot is a good exception.

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