Jewel Match: Naturescapes Match 3 Game Review and Download

All match 3 game divided on two categories - Gummy Drop, and all other. VixaGame is glad to present to you typical representative of category “All other”. Amazing but true: this game gain high rating in match 3 category on BigFishGames.

The game haven't storyline and rules simple and typical for such sort of games. Travel across nature and majestic landscapes, and collect resources solving match 3 puzzles.

Just read what players says about Jewel Match: Naturescapes - "Jewel Match 3 games are always amazing games but one of the reasons I fell in love with this game series was because of how colorful and beautiful gems were, they literally sparkled" – VixaGame team is not agree with this.

Jewel Match: Naturescapes Screenshot
Full Version Jewel Match: Naturescapes
Jewel Match: Naturescapes Match 3

This game included in VixaGame collection not because game is good, but because all other games (except of few like Gummy Drop) is bad. The game has average graphics, simple gameplay and noting to impress players. VixaGame don’t recommended to download and get full version of Jewel Match Naturescapes.

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