Gummy Drop! Match 3 Game Review and Download

Gummy Drop! surely, redefine your Match 3 experience!
BigFishGames have done a great deal with Gummy Drop, and their amazing work is a reference and precedent for other game developers.

While the core gameplay is more or less similar to typical match 3 games. But… Gummy Drop uses the match-three mechanic as a means to various goals; the primary mission is rebuilding cities. Another unique feature, which is also a good addition, is the trivia given about the famous attractions built on the interactive map. Let’s just say this is not only fun but educational too.

The game has its unique twist compared favorably with other games on market. If we want Ann to believe us, a game screenshots worth a thousand words. Or even better - download free version of this award winning casual game and see for yourself.

Gummy Drop! Screenshot
Full Version Gummy Drop!
Gummy Drop! Match 3

Comparable with other casual Match 3 games - Gummy Drop offer for player’s solid match-three puzzle gameplay with tons of innovation and interesting features. And, even though the game offer paid content, free version of game still contains a generous amount of truly free entertainment! Btw by VIXA Game statistic - Gummy Drop is best-selling Match 3 game.

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