Cursed House 5 Match 3 Game Review and Download

The long-awaited continuation of the exciting series "Cursed House" from the SIA LGT gamedev studio . Raise the bar of your match 3 abilities to a new level.

Cursed House 3 is a two-varied match: it's largely a traditional match 3 game, but at times it shifts gear and calls for players to match two reflected images together in a Find interesting mini-games. The game has player’s clear boards of mystical objects so that the Amulet of the Eye can be supported and then all errors of that speed can be corrected.

Cursed House 3 continued to innovate level after level when it comes to gameplay. I had puzzles from level to level that centered around the Match 3 formula to complete. Whether I clear the tiles or throw cannons in order to access other parts of the level, the goal always felt fresh and did not rewrite the gameplay entirely. If the game might have been easy

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Cursed House 5 Match 3

Overall, Cursed House 3 is a great match-3 game that thematically deviates from most of the games. I liked that about the game, although the thematically chilled gameplay didn't fit in with music. Differences between objectives, from one level to another, made things unrepeatable, and the occasional breaks in finding different mini-games helped the experience to keep fresh. An easy advice for low-pressure and highly contented Match 3 fans.

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