Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 9 Hidden Object Game Review and Download

Casual Arts is proud to present Vacation Adventures: Collector's Edition of Park Ranger 9!

Hidden Object enthusiasts are likely acquainted with Casual Arts, the studio behind tens of extremely effective "sheer concealed object matches" like the famous sequence of Christmas Wonderland. Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 9 is the first release of the studio with the Collector's Edition tag and it wouldn't be the last one given the warm reception so far.

Vacation Adventures: The Park Ranger 9 follows the course of the last eight matches in this sequence, where concealed objects and fast mini-games are alternated. The players that usually enjoy an adventure in the HOPA genre might sound like a chore. I can guarantee you, however, that Park Ranger 9 is certainly nothing dull. The hidden object scenes are skilfully designed with a variety of shapes, creative and interactive elements and plenty to hunt for. The collectibles of Vacation Adventures are consistent with the theme of the match: Park Ranger 9 arrives as wildlife. These can be displayed on the Wildlife Notebook once gathered in each concealed item scene. Otherwise, recyclable trash is another interesting category. There is waste collectable for recycling, from plastic bottles to aluminum canisters in each scene. Park Ranger 9 is the perfect game for both entertainment and education with your children. As regards mini-games between concealed object sequences, they are perhaps not the most innovative, but they are harmless entertainment that spics things up effectively.

Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 9 Screenshot
Full Version Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 9
Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 9 Hidden Object

Wow, Vacation Adventures Park Ranger 9 is now grown up and with the first Collector's Edition it has joined the big leaves! Yup, I purchased it first without the demo play, as well... Because this is a fresh play of the Park Ranger vacation adventures. I don't matter how repetitive the game might appear or how these children never grow up because I enjoy the experience, I feel a link to the game, it's always a good relationship and it's enjoyable to play.

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