The Legacy: The Tree of Might Collector's Edition Hidden Object Game Review and Download

BigFishGames and Five-BN Game continues to impress gamers with this new game the Legacy of the Might series, prepare for a dangerous and stunning hidden object adventure.

Disaster came from unexpected source - on a new exhibition featuring an ancient artifact at Deborah Whitwick’s museum, an unknown virus has leaked and possible infected all guests and journalists. As an expert and linguist on ancient languages, Diana was to join them expedition, organized to re-explore the archipelago in the hope of finding any information on the nature of the virus. What an adventure awaits for Diana as she travels through the portals to dozens different worlds in search of adventures and cure for an epidemic that has been unleashed on earth. Will you be smart enough to save the world in this absolutely fantastic game?

As all expected, The Tree of Might’s offer top-notch puzzles and hidden object scenes. Incredibly lifelike animations, epic special effects, and scenic location makes game graphics compares favorably with other casual games.

The Legacy: The Tree of Might Collector's Edition Screenshot
Full Version The Legacy: The Tree of Might
The Legacy: The Tree of Might  Hidden Object

Five-BN Games honors the legendary Hidden Object game with an extensive refining programme of previous games in series. Few word about graphics and story line. Both of this game elements are absolutely amazing and interesting. Surely, this game must take 1st place in Big Fish Top 100 games list!

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