Sunken Secrets Hidden Object Game Review and Download

If you would like entice with something challenging - Sunken Secrets is a vary game you need! Save the Village from the Curse, Save Yourself from Boredom in Sunken Secrets award winning time management game from Big Fish Games!

Sunken Secrets opens with a interesting storyline where the player is dropped right in the middle of an epic battle between evil and good. First, you introduced to a sea witch who has taken over an island and quite literally submerged it underwater. The player task is to follow Princess Luisa around, gather different magic spells, and use this magic to de-curse the island, and raise the land that was submerged.

Casual game developers making a lot of farming time management game, but only few of them so challenging like Sunken Secrets.

Sunken Secrets Screenshot
Full Version Sunken Secrets
Sunken Secrets Hidden Object

Firs and the biggest plus of Sunken Secrets - the game is Free-to-Play, I mean completely free! You do not need to purchase full version. Locations in game are immersive and stunning and gameplay does not leave anything to be desired. I advise you to free download Sunken Secrets, it is worth it because a game won't allow you to start missing.

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