Nevertales: The Abomination Collector's Edition Hidden Object Game Review and Download

Mad Head Games proudly presents new tale from their best-selling player favorites Nevertales hidden object series - prepare for a mystical adventure!

The evil forces more powerful than anything anybody has seen before attacking you kingdom! Nevertales: The Abomination prepare for you dangerous journey in an attempt to save the world from evil. Are ready to uncover all mysteries and defeat evil forces? Are you up to the task?

Nevertales: The abomination does not get too far from the mold when it comes to gameplay. With a few challenging times, the main HOPA mechanics are quite the expected. There's a great variety, although they are not revolutionary, of hidden scenes and puzzles. A special "gadget," as a spell-book, is included in the Abomination. The one in this game doesn't trigger repeated mini-games, unlike in most spellbooks. Essentially, the player is asked only to find the ingredients necessary to create the sorts. This feature has been cleverly linked to the gameplay, and I appreciate the developer's choice to cut off the gameplay.

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Full Version Nevertales: The Abomination
Nevertales: The Abomination  Hidden Object

Broadly speaking Nevertales: The Abomination continues the series impressive streak, free download game and express yourself with a whole rainbow of rich game features and innovation in classic hidden object gameplay.

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