Mystery Case Files: Rewind Hidden Object Game Review and Download

Mystery Case Files: Rewind draws heavily upon the lore of the famous Mystery Case Files series. Now, here is the downside… This time developers going back to the basics and make “old style” hidden object games.

After strange reports regarding the abandoned Hotel, you must arrive to investigate and find peoples from the past. It is a race against the clock to solve more tricky puzzles than ever more! This game is not for players who prefer fast-paced adventure throw story line, this game for player who prefer to solve puzzles and hidden objects scenes rare then interesting story - having fun is all that matters :)

Mystery Case Files: Rewind Screenshot
Full Version Mystery Case Files: Rewind
Mystery Case Files: Rewind Hidden Object

Mystery Case Files: Rewind is not the last game in MFC series released at the end of 2018, we expect release of another hit hidden object game from this series "The Countess" in December. However, let us talk about hero of current review. So, what full version of MFC Rewind offer for players:

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