My Brother Rabbit Collector's Edition Hidden Object Game Review and Download

My Brother Rabbit is a beautifully drawn adventure set in a surreal world that mixes reality with a child’s imagination

The Polish studio Artifex Mundi still published casual games alone – representatives blossomed already in the last decade of a genre "search of objects" and to that the similar things oriented to the widest and unprepared audience. From reviewers and the IT websites they receive attention seldom – too everything simply and non-original there. However this time much more serious project – the hybrid of an adventure and a puzzle which is often referred to special category of "samorostoid" – to a subgenre which surprisingly actively develops exactly thanks to the East European developers is offered to our attention. In addition to actually Czech Samorost series, it is possible to remember both cheerful Chuchel, and gloomy, but stylish Apocalipsis, – My Brother Rabbit represents a little children's, but quite lovely and touching game which is not bad fitting into this brotherly Slavic company.

As well as it is accepted in games of such genre, the plot moves only by means of a visual row – the text is present unless at the main menu, at settings yes at the screen of the help, consisting of only several words in each case. The realistic drawn inserts between actually game tell us story of family in which the younger daughter seriously gets sick, – and while parents drive it on doctors and analyses, the elder brother accompanying them everywhere, absolutely small still, endures these disturbing events in own way. In his imagination hospital realities surrealistic refract in the form of travel on the fantastic world of a favourite toy of the sister – the Rabbit who tries to find medicine for the got sick flower girlfriend.

At the same time, despite all sad connotations corresponding to subject (certainly, the end will be quite to itself happy – and it is even not a spoiler), this world very colourfully and funny looks: animals nice and unknown to science, little birds and small insects adjoin to fantastic machines, huge baobabs and mechanical robo-elks. It is necessary to mention also a mood music, excellent on quality, behind authorship of Arkadiusz Reykovski working earlier on such other East European projects as Layers of Fear or Kholat.

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My Brother Rabbit  Hidden Object

My Brother Rabbit for certain will not be interesting to "hardcore" players — it unpretentious, riddles in it not the most difficult, but game process is similar to what games of a genre hidden object offered for several decades. And the price at it overstated, at least in the Russian Steam segment — to pay more than 500 rubles here, frankly speaking, there is nothing. However, if you missed similar games or want to look at how in them it is possible to combine successfully quite good history and a traditional gameplay, it will hardly be possible to find something better.

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