Midnight Castle Hidden Object Game Review and Download

Elephant Games do better than all the others game developer referring to Free-to-Play titles. Midnight Castle is Hidden Object like no other, its parallel universe, so immersive… Once you start play, it is hard to stop.

Start searching for magical items now! Unveil mysterious treasures & characters and uncover all mysteries. Earn coins and diamonds to continue your journey. From the beginning game looks like a bit easy to play, but game features are gradually introduced as your character improve experience, like crafting items, acquiring pets or trading with friends. Seems pretty ironic, given game name, but most of time in first days of game you spend wander around outside the castle and only spending a lot of time get in.

As all of the location in Midnight Castle are absolutely stunning with vivid graphics and visuals, but, here's the downside. The tremendous effort involved in this undertaking has not been without one problem - the game does not support wide screen :(. Developers are you seriously? So we are in the 21st century not middle ages!

Midnight Castle Screenshot
Full Version Midnight Castle
Midnight Castle Hidden Object

Overall, developers achieve a unique atmosphere of Hidden Object Adventure with some social perspective. However, hopes, developers do not stop and will to work hard and continue to making innovative HOPA games to everyone's joy!

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