Dark City: Munich Collector's Edition Hidden Object Game Review and Download

The second episode of Dark City series seemed a good place to stop. The game is good with hi standard of quality of all game components. The game takes 1st place by Big Fish Games rating from first days.

After your previous an unequivocal success case in London, you are hired by the Mayor of Munich to investigate a series of attack by werewolves that shook innocent citizens. As most of players knows its Oktoberfest time in Munich, Germany, the biggest celebration of the year! However, this year something went wrong... The witnesses claim that werewolves are attack, but that can’t be true, can it?

Dark City: Munich Collector's Edition Screenshot
Full Version Dark City: Munich
Dark City: Munich  Hidden Object

4 Friends Games (as usual) released a thrilling detective hidden object game. If an unbiased evaluation is made, it will be clear that Dark City: Munich a are worthy of support and continuation to the series.

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