Chimeras: Wailing Waters Collector's Edition Hidden Object Game Review and Download

Elephant Games gives you the Chimeras series ' recent chilling chapter! After 40 years of mysterious closure, the school at Heavenfall Academy is about to reopen, where you will be the camp counselor during the winter. It turns out that the reason behind the original closure may be more sinister than you believe when you come with a band of weird animals to discover your colleagues stuck inside!

Chimeras is no doubt my least favourite Elephant Games collection. The quality has moved slowly since the initial play and the franchise is still struggling to discover their own identity. Therefore, I was pleasantly amazed to discover that I really liked this fresh sequel. Unlike some of the previous installments, the plot in Chimeras: Wailing Waters is quite exciting. The haunted summer camp atmosphere provides some pleasant nostalgic features and the fantasy aspects bring a pleasant twist on this old school theme. While the play might not be as interesting as latest "hunted summer camp" versions such as Bonfire Stories, it still tries to remain interesting and suspenseful from beginning to finish.

Chimeras: Wailing Waters Collector's Edition Screenshot
Full Version Chimeras: Wailing Waters
Chimeras: Wailing Waters  Hidden Object

Full version of Chimeras: Wailing Waters game is amazing to look at and really exciting to follow along, but its risk-free hidden object gameplay also makes it quite interesting to play. Chimeras: Wailing Waters is accessible as a Collector's Edition and includes a sequel bonus section, a strategy guide, wallpapers, a screensaver, concept art, videos, accomplishments, collectibles, morphing items, and a secret room. This might be worth buying with a premium because of the brief duration of the primary adventure, coming in at only about three hours.

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