Bonfire Stories: Heartless Hidden Object Game Review and Download

This game was chosen by Big Fish Games editors for its exceptional quality of all game components. Mariaglorum is proudly present another terrifying tale in the Bonfire Stories series!

Every component of this game is top-notch - from interesting story line to amusement graphics and scenic locations with the unique atmosphere of the mystery.

Many years ago, a crimson brow appeared during your camper journey with your father and your dad had been kidnapped and found dead the following day. You decided to return to Calispell forest after a long study to hopefully finish the mystery when there is a familiar red dung. In this horrific sequel to Bonfire Stories, can you discover the answers behind the murder?

Read some players reviews :
To begin with, the game itself is an interesting game and with an addictive storyline. In general, the game is exciting and naturally you want to play in order to find out what will happen next...

Bonfire Stories: Heartless Screenshot
Full Version Bonfire Stories: Heartless
Bonfire Stories: Heartless Hidden Object

It’s for sure, if you download and get full version of the Bonfire Stories: Heartless and s start playing, believe, world you won't stop! Moreover the full version Bonfire Stories game remains strong with Heartless – a gripping and visually-breathtaking hidden object puzzle adventure.

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